Bearse USA Contract Sewing FAQ’s

What kinds of items does Bearse USA manufacture?

We have an exhaustive list of products that we manufacture, but we are primarily in the bag and non-apparel arena. Bags, cases, pouches, vests, carriers, and straps are right up our alley. We do not manufacture ladies handbags, purses, or anything considered a fashion accessory.

What kind of material does Bearse USA work with?

Our most common materials include Canvas, Cordura Nylon, Ballistic Nylon, Cotton Duck, Coated Fabrics, Twill, and Vinyl. Bearse USA has a great deal of experience sourcing virtually any material needed to sew your product. If you have specific material requirements, chances are that we can find it for you.

What is the typical lead time for an order?

The typical lead time for a custom-made item is 4-8 weeks depending upon sewing requirements, quantity, and availability of raw materials. In cases of rush orders, we will work with you as best we can to meet your ship date requirements.

What items does Bearse USA carry in stock?

The majority of Bearse USA’s products are made-to-order items. However, we have a number of items in-stock that you can find in our Bags & Packs section. These items include briefcasesbackpacksduffelscooler bagstoteswindsocksparts bags, andmailing bags.

Does Bearse USA provide samples?

Speculative samples are handled on a case by case basis. Based on the complexity of an item, a charge to cover the cost of pattern development, machine setup, tooling, and procurement of materials is made. When an order is placed, a pre-production sample is always provided for sign-off before production begins.

Is there a minimum quantity for ordering?

For a made-to-order or custom printed item, the minimum order quantity is 250 pieces or $500. We try to accommodate customers whenever possible. However, if our manufacturing is not set up to accommodate your product efficiently, we may require a larger quantity to cover setup costs.

Can I order 2 items (with slight differences) to meet the minimum quantity amount?

Typically no. We have done a lot of work to reduce our minimums as low as possible. However, custom products require specific patterns, machine set-ups, and material lay-ups. While two items may be similar, in many cases they require a unique setup of their own. Our processes are built for efficient production of bulk quantities. With custom work, the investment in time upfront pays off with smooth production that is realized in larger quantities.

Does Bearse USA supply all of the raw materials required to make an item?

Bearse USA is very flexible with the procurement of raw materials for your product. We utilize an extensive network of the best domestic sources. We can source a wide variety of fabric and trims  at cost effective prices. On the other hand, if a customer would like to supply the materials to us, we’re happy to accommodate them. For unique hardware or other hard-to-find items, we’ll work with you to determine the best procurement strategy.

Where are Bearse USA’s products manufactured?

Over 90% of the products are still made in the United States. Our roots are in manufacturing and this is the work we enjoy doing. We’ve committed to our employees to keep as much manufacturing in the United States as possible. With that said, there are certain markets that have seen a heavy influx of imported products. Since we’re here to serve our customers, we have to accommodate their demands. In those cases, we source their product where it makes most economic sense. Please see our Manufacturing Philosophy page for more information.

Will Bearse license or market my product for sale?

No. We are experts in custom manufacturing and always continue our focus on being the best production source for our customers.

How are orders packaged?

All orders are packaged in bulk, unless otherwise requested. Special packaging requirements will be included in the price quote delivered to you.

What payment terms does Bearse USA require?

Bearse USA requests credit references from all new customers and performs a credit check before work is begun on their first order. We often request a down payment of 30-50% on your first order. Upon shipment of the order, Bearse USA will mail an invoice with the terms Net 30 days.