Custom Bags

Our expertise lies in crafting personalized bags tailored to your exact requirements. Collaborating closely with you, we ensure that every detail, from size and color to material and imprint, aligns perfectly with your vision for the ideal custom bag.
Whether your order is extensive or modest, our unwavering commitment is to deliver outstanding service at a competitive price. For cost-effective solutions with longer lead times, our overseas factory is utilized to produce high-quality products without breaking the bank.
On domestic orders, we will provide accurate lead time estimates. For custom overseas orders, expect delivery within 60-70 days post sample approval.

Bag Measurements:

When providing Bearse with bag measurements, please consider the following dimensions when the bag is laid flat:
Width: Left to right
Height: Top to bottom
Gusset: Depth width
Handles: Exposed length

Body Armor Systems

Bearse USA possesses extensive expertise in producing tactical vests and body armor systems. These typically feature full Molle compatible/PALS webbing on the front, back, and sides, enabling soldiers to customize their vests with pouches, cases, or bags. The design incorporates rugged materials and construction specifications to endure the most demanding environments and operations.

Molle Pouches

Radio Pouches, Medical Pouches, Ammo Pouches, Battery Pouches, Hydration Pouches, GPS Pouches, Flash Bang Pouches, Dump Pouches, Grenade Pouches, Canteen Pouches, Latex Glove Pouches, Antenna Bags, Mortar Pouches.

Custom Military Bags

Bearse USA is a premier manufacturer of top-tier military and tactical gear, encompassing tactical vests, holsters, harnesses, gear bags, packs, MOLLE pouches, and slings tailored for military and law enforcement professionals.
Our gear stands out for its use of authentic Mil Spec materials, including Cordura nylon, solution-dyed webbing, IR-tested hardware, and premium zippers and snaps—eschewing inferior offshore alternatives.
Whether adhering to Mil Spec or Commercial Spec, Berry compliance or not, the choice is yours. Our offerings span Desert Camo, Woodland Camo, all versions of Multicam, and Coyote Brown—providing a diverse range to suit your preferences.
Tailor your gear with options such as pockets, D-rings, washers, straps, PALS/MOLLE, and quick-release buckles, ensuring a perfect fit for your environment.
The possibilities for custom sewing are limitless. Reach out to us today to explore how we can fulfill your custom sewing and tactical nylon gear requirements.