Capabilities Profile

  • Gerber Pattern and Marker-Making System
  • Gerber GtxL Computerized Cutting Machines
  • Autometrix Radium Single Ply Cutter, Glyph Marking System, & Patternsmith software
  • 3 Laser Cutting Machines
  • 2 Schwabe Die Cutting Clickers
  • Standard knife cutting
  • Hot/Cold Strip Cutting

Cutting Room

  • Electronic single needle, double needle, long arm, cylinder arm, bar tackers, programmable tackers 150+ machines in total
  • Riveting & grommet equipment
  • Automated Universal Fastener snap machines

Sewing machines

  • Turnkey sourcing
  • Material Procurement
  • Screen printing
  • Product assembly, warehousing, shipping


  • Production management boasts fifty years of collective sewing experience.
  • We offer full-time sample making services, possessing the complete capability to create finished samples for military gear, sewn/fabricated industrial products, or consumer goods.
  • Our fully-equipped mechanical shop has the capacity to design and manufacture various equipment, labor-saving devices, work aids, tacker clamps, and more

Technical Capabilities

  • 50,000 sq. ft facility in Chicago, IL
  • 23,000 sq. ft facility in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
  • Employing highly skilled sewing machine operators & other related production workers
  • Documented sewing processes & quality system
  • Computerized scheduling

Production Facilities and Skills

  • Because every item we make is hand sewn, human capital is our most valuable asset.
  • It’s not uncommon for our team members to boast 10+ years of individual expertise, and instances of 20+ and 30+ years with the company are frequent.
  • At our company, everyone shares both the rewards and the responsibility for achieving exceptional results.

Human Capital

Custom Capabilities

We stand as the leading sewing contractor specializing in non-apparel goods, leveraging over 100 years
of experience to deliver unparalleled custom sewn products and contract sewing services.
Bearse upholds meticulous quality standards and unwavering commitment to delivery schedules, earning the trust of customers who stake their reputation on the excellence of our products.
Our services cater to a diverse clientele, including Commercial, Industrial, OEM, Government, and Military sectors. We exclusively focus on non-apparel items, crafting items such as Bags, Pouches, Covers, Filters, and more, ensuring the highest quality work at competitive rates. With precision and dedication, we produce items tailored exactly to your specifications, with a minimum quantity requirement in most cases set at 250 pieces.