Design Assistance, Prototyping and Sampling

Design Assistance

While we may not specialize in design, we recognize the crucial collaboration between design and manufacturing. We trust you as the expert in your product’s application, and we take pride in being experts in crafting cost-effective products that align with your performance criteria.

Our commitment is to assist your company in producing high-quality products. Whether it’s optimizing material yields through pattern and marker creation, offering samples, or suggesting suitable materials, Bearse excels in every aspect. We welcome our clients to visit our production facility and collaborate with our sewing engineers, ensuring that design and quality standards are meticulously maintained throughout the manufacturing process.


Bearse excels in crafting patterns and reproducing a wide range of bags, cases, pouches, and other non-apparel items. While we possess this expertise, it’s important to note that we don’t specialize in prototype creation. Our prototypes are pre-production first articles, and it’s not time or cost-effective for us to produce an exact sample without an order.

To initiate discussions on bringing your item to production, we kindly request our customers to provide a prototype of their item, regardless of how crudely made it may be. For additional information and any associated fees, please reach out to one of our custom bag specialists.


Sample assessment holds crucial significance in the realm of soft goods. When you place an order with us, we are delighted to furnish a sample for your review prior to initiating production. Upon receiving the sample, we kindly request that you thoroughly examine your item and complete our sample approval form. This process enables us to secure all necessary raw materials and commence production.