Manufacturing Philosophy & Business Model

For over 95 years, Bearse USA has been producing quality products in the United States. Our business has been passed down three generations and we strive to maintain the same ideals as our founders. Many changes have occurred over the years … our competition is no longer across town or over the state border. We live in a truly global economy today and compete against companies that are subsidized by their government.

Today we are a company that sells products made in the United States and imported from overseas.

We are very proud of our Made in USA capabilities. However, we are prepared to serve you from whatever location makes most sense for your business. Bearse USA appreciates the opportunity to do business with you.

When is it best to choose Made in USA manufacturing?

  • Any military, tactical, or outdoor equipment that requires superior materials and build specifications.
  • Solicitations requiring Berry Amendment or Made in USA compliance
  • For customers with multiple part numbers, low quantities, and short lead times, we also suggest domestic manufacturing.